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"A far more lucid description of management" Micro User Magazine

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Hi. Thanks for coming to the site. My name's Mac Howard. The site has been set up to describe the soccer management game "Sick as a Parrot" (SaaP). It's my latest game following on from a whole series of games since the first ever smg in 1982.

The above quotation is from a review of one of the earlier games but I include it because it captures very well the ambition behind the design of all of them - to create a game that reproduces the demands made on the real-world manager and provide the gamer manager with a genuine challenge to his understanding of the game.

There are a number of excellent smgs available but they all have a degree of artificiality about them that makes the game easier for both the designer and the gamer - not least in the representation of players' skills. With SaaP I've bitten the bullet, written the hard code and made realism and the management challenge the first priority.

But a close second to this is to make SaaP the engine of innovation for these games. Just as "Division One" was the first smg, "Mexico 86" the first International game, "Soccer Supremo" the first with European football and a 3D match display and a whole sequence of firsts in the Supremo series, the SaaP series, begun in 2000, sets out to move the smg on to new heights with ideas the others only introduce years later. The innovative "talkative assistant coach" that the box of FM 2009 boasts was introduced into SaaP 2007 three years ago.

In SaaP 2009 we've now introduced an Artificial Intelligence interaction with players in dressing room, training ground and motivational pep-talks. Watch out for it in the mainstream games in a couple of years ;)

So, browse around, read the descriptions, see the screen shots and download the game

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