Latest News: SaaP 2010/11 Release 1.0 - 6th July 2010

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"The thinking fan's soccer management game" PC Format magazine

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SaaP 2010/11 - intelligent, realistic and innovative
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Individual features

match description
player skills
training features
man management
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I was asked on an Internet forum why would I design a soccer management game when there are three perfectly good games already available. Well, apart from the fact I was designing smgs some ten years before the earliest of these mainstream games, the links on the right will explain why and what SaaP brings to the gamer that the others don't.

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Accurate match results
results that reflect team tactics, players' skills etc
Realistic presentation of player skills
players described verbally by scouts, coaches etc
Artificial Intelligence player interactions
Talk and motivate players in your own words
3D full match display
3D display, stats, tactical control - one screen
Ambitious innovation
at the leading edge with new features
Distributed and maintained online
download the game and play it within 15 minutes
1/3 to 1/2 the price of others
Share the internet financial advantage
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