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As you can see from the top right screen shot the match screen is packed with detail. I've never liked leaving the match screen to go to another screen to make a substitution or a tactical change or look at a player's current in-match stats so the match screen allows you to do all these without leaving that screen. Only at half-time, when you have your dressing room team-talk do you leave the match screen.

Another design aim was that the match should actually look like a football match. Hence the 3D TV-style display in the centre of the screen.

This display is a match-flow display - it displays the flow of the game up and down the pitch and the formations used by the two managers, including any in-match changes. It isn't meant to display each pass and tackle - if it did you'd be watching for 90 minutes each game - but is designed to inform you of the overall flow of the game. Was it end-to-end, were you pinned back, were you caught on the counter etc?

You can see from this game that my Man Utd team is struggling against a rampant Spurs - They're dominating possession all over the pitch!

Below the match display you have the two teams and subs listed. Below each on-field player are two bargraphs. The red one indicates his state of fatigue and the white one is a performance rating so far. You can see at a glance which players are playing well, which badly, which players are flagging and may need subbing.

Immediately below the match display are the possession statistics that help you understand the flow of the game. If you click on a player in either list this display will be replaced with the in-match statistics for that player - passing, tackling, shots etc. Thse are continuously updated as the match proceeds. You can click around the players.

Across the bottom of the screen are the controls. You can make a sub, change formation (player by player if you wish) or instruct a player. You can change to any of your three bootroom pre-designed formations. You can speed the game up or slow it down. You can pause it and while paused your controls are all still active.

At half and full time you have the match stats screen (bottom right) which, with the match display, should leave you in no doubt as to the cause of the result and who to credit.



SaaP Online club football international football EDIT programs secure ordering