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"A far more lucid description of management" Micro User Magazine

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The club module allows you to manage a club from the 5 English leagues (Conference upwards), Serie A/B, Bundesliga 1/2, Primera and Segunda, the USA's MLS and the Australian A-League. You can also introduce your own fictitious club and players into any league.

Currently under development is the introduction of user customised leagues.

The club module can be played independantly of the international module or simultaneously as the ultimate progression for a successful manager.

All leagues run simultaneously without affecting the speed of the game.

SaaP is essentially a role-playing game. The relationship with players, your influence over the performances, your progress through the week have all been designed to simulate directly those of the real-world manager.

As the Micro User quote indicates, SaaP is a realistic management simulation that will challenge your understanding not a number-juggling computer game.

Players have verbal descriptions not skill numbers, you "talk to" players to motivate them, you go from day to day to match-day working with players, build the squad with transfers and youth development but it's still "one match at a time".

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You'll find the club module a completely different experience to anything you've played before - intelligent, realistic and challenging!

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