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"An evolutionary approach to game development that promises better, bug-free games" Internet Gamer Review

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SaaP was designed for distribution over the Internet from square one. There are enormous advantages in this.

First: the cost of the game is slashed. By eliminating the middle men, reducing the cost of promotion and marketing, the costs of cd production and packaging the price of SaaP is only a third of other games such as FM and CM - $A30 or approximately $US21.

An even better deal is the SaaP Online membership - for less than $US30 subscribers receive the latest game and upgrades, updates and expansions for the next 12 months. A member today gets SaaP 2009, will get SaaP 2010 and all releases in between.

Developments: because users download their games from a members' web site they can be playing upgrades within hours of their release. Upgrades are therefore released every couple of months or so, often in response to user feedback, which results in an ever-improving game.

Bug fixes: users report bugs on the SaaP Forum or via email and fixes can be developed and available within hours. Because developments are incremental the bugs are relatively easily identified and the result is a game unusually free of bugs for such a complex game.

SaaP Online: the latest game, frequent developments for 12 months, immediate bug fixes, at 1/2 the price of a cd game!

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