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While it's crucial to get the match tactics correct and have your players fully motivated throughout the match, you will get nowhere if your training doesn't prepare the team for the coming game. The training features in SaaP allow you to take the field confident that your players are fully prepared. You begin with determining the schedule for the 10 weekly sessions

Another important point of training in SaaP is to inform you of the condition of your players, their form and their confidence levels. You can get a very good idea of which players are right for your stating lineup from their training performances.

A quick word with your assistant coach will give you an initial idea of which players are performing and which not (top screen shot).

Spend a little more time with him and he'll give you his assessment of each players performance in that day's training sessions.

Your assistant will also produce a written training report which you can use during your team selection to help in deciding your starting lineup (lower right screen shot). A click away is your assistant's summary for each player's fitness, confidence and commitment based on training performances.

But training is also important in developing your players. One option for training sessions is individual training which will mean sessions where the individual skills of individual players will determine the direction of their improvement. You set the training style and can achieve significant improvements in players' abilities.


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SaaP Online club football international football EDIT programs secure ordering