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SaaP 2010/11 Release 1.0 - July 6th 2010

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At this time of year I begin working on the new SaaP. In this case SaaP 2011. This is the game with the new leagues for the season 2010 to 2011. I do it in two stages. Fitst, between seasons, I introduce an intermediate game with the promotion and relegation info introduced into the new database but I use the existing squads. Then, when the off-season transfer window is closed I release a further database with all the club squads brought up to date.

SaaP 201011 is this year's intermediate game with the new leagues included but the old player database.

But, as usual, there are other developments to go along with this. The first is a complete update of the Champions and Europa Leagues. These have fallen behind the times recently but I've now brought them completely up to date. That includes clubs entering these competitions in the first season of the game (2010/11) if they have qualfied in the real world. So, if you choose to manage say Tottenham Hotspur, then you'll find yourself having to play the two leg 3rd qualifying games in your pre-season in order to get through to the group stages later. And so on. The qualifying teams in the real world will be qualified in the game.

I've also made some changes to the pre-season allowing you to make your own decisions about which clubs to play so that you can bring your players up to regular season standards at your own pace. A range of clubs, from lower leagues to the premier leagues to international, make themselves available for pre-season games and you can choose the mix that best suits your needs. You may normally increase the standard of club as the pre-season progresses though, if you have the European or Europa Qualifiers to deal with then that will affect your choices.

As usual there are modest changes to the interface with smple ideas that occur to me as I develop or play the game to make it more intitive or easier to navigate.

There is one additional option included which is worth mentioning. I hadn't realised that there could be a problem, particularly with Windows 7 but occasionally with Windows Vista, that occurs because of the effect of Windows Aero on the ability of your PC to display the moving ball during the match. Windows Aero slugs the graphics performance of a PC considerably, particularly in Windows 7, and unless you have a high end graphics card the moving ball can disappear in its travel. This doesn't affect the game at all - the ball still finishes up where it should - but doesn't look good. You can cure that easily by disabling Widows Aero simply enough but if you don't wish to do that then there's an option from the opening screen and the options drop-down menu to introduce code that modifies the moving ball code and displays it correctly (ie it no longer disappears). It does this without interfering with Windows Aero in any way. It's probably not quite as solid a display but you wouldn't notice if you haven't seen the display on a Windows XP machine or Win 7/Vista with Aero disabled.

So leave the option unused at first, see what the display is like, and select the option if you find the ball disappearing for part of its travel.

Ok, the game's up on the members' web site and the demo is updated also. So download and enjoy.

customisation screen

customisation screen

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