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In the 27 years I've been designing these soccer management games, probably the game that has been most successful both commercially and critically was a game called Mexico 86. This was an international management game.

That is something of a surprise as the international game generally doesn't have the appeal of the club game. It's usually thought of as having less depth. But it does have a zip to it, an intensity that makes up for this.

It may be relatively short-lived and without the longevity of the club game but the challenge is often even more intense and demands a quick grasp of the qualities of the players to succeed.

The International module of SaaP builds on the success of Mexico 86 by expanding the competitions to include both the World and European Cups with randomised Qualifier and Finals draws repeated over a four year cycle.

Opposition teams are included in a dedicated International database but your own players are made up of players drawn from the club database including players from your own club game. For unusual nations not covered you can create your own player selection within the module.

The International module can be played simultaneously but quite independantly of the club game or the two played together as one game.

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