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Artificial Intelligence Interaction with Players

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Accurate match results
results that reflect team tactics, players' skills etc
Realistic presentation of player skills
players described verbally by scouts, coaches etc
3D full match display
3D display, stats, tactical control - one screen
Ambitious innovation
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Online distribution and maintenance
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A crucial part of the real-world manager's job is to motivate players and to build morale. That's how, currently, managers like Redknapp at Spurs and Hiddinck at Chelsea can take a squad misfiring for their predecessors and turn it into a winning unit. But this aspect of management has always been badly implemented in the smg - if implemented at all.

Years ago SaaP introduced player pep-talks in the dressing room and on the training pitch which involved motivating players by selecting from a range of statements which influence the players. Different types of players (temperament) react differently. It's ok but not very convincing.

But designers have always known the answer to this but shied away from the design difficulty - a LISA style Artificial Intelligence module that accepts the users own words and produces suitable responses from the players. A bit like a modern Google search.

Late last year (2008) I bit the bullet and in January of this year introduced into SaaP 2009 such a system which has been a big hit with users as they take the opportunity to vent their emotions on players. Half time comments such as "You complete cretin, miss another chance like that and you're looking for another club" are apparently quite common now.

Currently the system is used in dressing room, individual player pep-talks but is currently being expanded to squad talks, training ground talks and career and form discussions with players.

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