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Have you ever heard a player being described as "a lethal finisher" or "a midfield play maker with superb passing skills and great vision"? Of course you have. It may be hype but, heh, the guy's expressing his opinion and that's fine. You decide for yourself what it's worth.

But have you ever heard of a striker being described as "has 17 points from 20 in finishing" or "has 18/20 for passing"? Of course you haven't. At least, not outside of a computer game. We don't do it because we instinctively understand that we're expressing a subjective opinion and such numbers imply an objective measurement that simply doesn't exist.

Players are described in SaaP - by coaches, scouts, managers and the press - verbally, as in the upper paragraph above. They're subjective and you treat them with the respect you feel they deserve. Along with the match and training performance ratings you combine these to build your own understanding of your players and, through experimenting with combinations, formations and tactics you sharpen that understanding through a process of discovery - just as every real-world manager does when he joins a new club.

As the top quotation indicates, In SaaP you're not spoon-fed accurate player skill numbers but need to employ that crucial management skill - judgement - if you're to succeed and fill the club's trophy cabinet.

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