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SaaP Online and the Internet

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Accurate match results
results that reflect team tactics, players' skills etc
Realistic presentation of player skills
players described verbally by scouts, coaches etc
Artificial Intelligence player interactions
Talk and motivate players in your own words
3D full match display
3D display, stats, tactical control - one screen
Ambitious innovation
at the leading edge with new features
1/3 to 1/2 the price of others
Share the internet financial advantage
The Internet is a revolution, not only in communications, but in the delivery of digital media to consumers. Eventually even the music publishers and Hollywood will take advantage and supply their products at a fraction of the offline cost. Having moved to Australia in the late 1990s it gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my SaaP userbase in the UK and USA.

Price advantage aside, the Internet makes it possible to easily deliver digital media to a worldwide audience. So redesigning SaaP to be distributed online was a no-brainer in 1999. Broadband was not common then so a lower level language was used to minimise file sizes for quick downloads and, though that's no longer necessary today, the efficient coding means that the game runs lightening fast compared with other games.

The final advantage is the immediacy with which new code can be supplied to users. It's not uncommon with SaaP to have a bug reported on the forum one morning and a fix available for download before lunchtime. Consequently SaaP has one of the fewest bug counts of any smg on the market - another feature that builds confidence for the user.

But that immediacy also allows the game to be developed continuously and incrementally and these developments made available to users on a regular basis - typically every couple of months. It's this which encourages the innovative developments that set SaaP apart.

SaaP Online - a subscription idea costing half the price of a cd game per annum - has been set up precisely to use these advantages to the full.

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