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Accurate Match Results

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Realistic presentation of player skills
players described verbally by scouts, coaches etc
Artificial Intelligence player interactions
Talk and motivate players in your own words
3D full match display
3D display, stats, tactical control - one screen
Ambitious innovation
at the leading edge with new features
Online distribution and maintenance
download the game and play it within 15 minutes
1/3 to 1/2 the price of others
Share the internet financial advantage
The soccer management game requires that you put considerable thought and effort into building your squad, training and motivating your players and devising the tactics to overcome the opposition. So it's crucial that the match simulation produces match results that accurately reflect the skills of the players and the tactics used.

But what confidence can you have in a game that throws results up such as Stockport County 18 Barcelona 0 (taken from a recent FM forum)? Clearly none, which means all your thought and effort have been rendered pointless.

In fact, until relatively recently, the mainstream games were so poor that they hid the fact by avoiding any visual display that would give the game away. Even now the improvement has been marginal.

The match in SaaP is probably the most sophisticated simulation used in any sports computer game using techniques learned at British Aerospace and the research department at International Computers. An early version was once used as an AI study in a Masters' Degree Course in Psychology. It produces rock solid results, accurately reflecting the players skills and the tactics of the two managers. You can play the game with confidence that it is rewarding or punishing your best efforts sensibly.

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