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"We were inspired to write Championship Manager by the classic games League Division One and Mexico 86" - Paul and Oliver Collyer Interview

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Innovation, innovation and innovation

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Accurate match results
results that reflect team tactics, players' skills etc
Realistic presentation of player skills
players described verbally by scouts, coaches etc
Artificial Intelligence player interactions
Talk and motivate players in your own words
3D full match display
3D display, stats, tactical control - one screen
Online distribution and maintenance
download the game and play it within 15 minutes
1/3 to 1/2 the price of others
Share the internet financial advantage
Why these games (top quote) and not the more popular mainstream games? Because these games were far more innovative and clear-sighted in their depiction of the real world. And here's the point - League Division One is the original club game in SaaP and Mexico 86 the original international game.

Back in 1984 I was interviewed by the local press following the release of my Division One 85 smg. I was asked "What game will you be designing next?" I answered that there was still much that I wanted to add to Div-One-85, but I never for one moment thought I'd still be saying that in 2009. But the truth is there are still many aspects of the real-world that are still not well duplicated by any of the current games.

One reason is that many of these features are very difficult to simulate - the LISA AI player interaction is one example - and designers have shied away from them. SaaP has never done that. Not only was League Division One the first smg but other SaaP firsts include the first with European football, the first international game, the first with a 3D display, the first with possession stats and player ratings, the first with player motivation, the first combining club and international soccer and so on.

And its still the only one to tackle a realistic representation of players' skills.

There is still many features to be added to the smg before we have the ultimate soccer management game and the odds are that SaaP will be the first to introduce them. New features are being worked on continuously and released via SaaP Online - the Internet delivery system that allows developments to be given to users as soon as they're completed and allows an incremental approach to development.

You want to know what will be in the mainstream games in the future? See SaaP today!

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